The Association continued to flourish from then on, and is present today in 4 continents of the world.  The Holy Family sisters   arrived in Sri Lanka – then Ceylon – on 2nd Nov. 1862. 

 The Apostolic Vicar of Jaffna, Bishop Etienne Samaria omi, desired to invite Holy Family Sisters to serve the people of his Vicariate, especially for the Education of Girls, Care for the Orphaned children   and for other charitable works.  Oganized by Fr. Bienvenu Noailles, 6 sisters headed by Sr.Marie Xavier Marchand, dared to start their missionary endeavor, believing on the Blessing of God initially granted, and with heroism for the spread of faith and COMMUNION in the land of Sri Lanka ! 

Keeping the spirit of our Family and the original organization of our Founder -Ven. Pierre Bienvenu Noailles, the members of the   Holy Family association welcomes within its fold 5 Vocations:   Women and men of all categories in the Catholic Church- Contemplative and Apostolic Women Religious, Consecrated Seculars, Lay people committed in the world married or single, children adults and Priest Associates.  All members of the Holy Family engage themselves in the work of proclaiming   the Good News, applying themselves to imitate the Holy Family, promote COMMUNION and thus building up the Family of the children of God.