He was a young adult of 19 years when he finally received Holy Communion. This was one of the key events in his life. Fr. Dinety prepared him for this event for 18 months having instructions every day for one hour.    Before   entering the confessional, as he was praying before Mother Mary he had a deep mystical experience of the infinite mercy of God. 

The experience of his First Holy Communion gave him an unforgettable joy and ever after   remained for him a reference for what true happiness could be.  His mother watched over him gently with some concern.  What was to become of him? She wondered.  “Cheer up mother. One day I’ll be a priest.” Little by little his way of life changed.

The merciful God revealed himself as the only source of happiness.  Later, when he decided to go to the Seminary of Issy at the age of 23, he received another very special grace at the church of St. Sulpice which helped him to break the last vestiges of resistance that held him back.