He is a seeker

Being an all-rounder and talented at every turn Bienvenu spent several years in search of a meaningful and fulfilling career.

A National Guard?   

He wanted to serve as a National Guard and even became a Sub-Lietenant.  As such he was brave and daring and did not hesitate to put his life at risk. His experience taught him a lesson.  Soon he realized the SWORD he carried WAS FUTILE TO BRING ABOUT PEACE!!??                            

A Doctor?   

He had some friends who were studying medicine.  He too joined and studies seriously.  At the operation theatre he felt that his companions were insensitive and curious rather than compassion for the patient.  He decided a career in medicine was not for him.  His search continued…

A Lawyer?

 … Since he was working as a Secretary to the barrister Mr. de Peyronnet, the barrister himself offered to use his influence to facilitate Bienvenu’s study at the Faculty of Law.

Bienvenu a Seminarian

His formation period in the seminary totally transformed him.  The record of the Seminary of St. Sulpice proves that Bienvenu was a an exemplary   seminarian, fervent, totally ‘other –centered’ excellent in studies, ardent seeker of holiness, zealous to spread the Good News.  He spent long hours in prayer, contemplation on the Trinitarian God and in devotion to Mother Mary and the Holy Family.

A Priest?

Bienvenu left for Paris to join the Faculty of Law.  On arrival he became very quiet and serious.  He made no move to enrol at Law School. He wanted to discern God’s will for him.  One day… Seeing the people going to the chapel in the church of St. Sulpice he followed them.  Suddenly he found himself praying to Our Lady and there he had another spiritual experience.  He went into the confessional and made appointment to meet the superior of the Seminary. Reflecting on the role of a priest, he related later:  “Priestly vocation is very beautiful.  God wiped out my iniquities and commanded me to follow HIM” Bienvenu found that he can totally give himself in service to the people at all levels.