Bierre Bienvenu Noailles was ordained Priest by the Archbishop of Bordeaux on 5th June 1819.

FR. BIENVENU …. Pastor :

He was the Parish Priest of St. Eulalie Church, Bordeaux.  He took up permanent residence and invited two beggars to lodge with him.  Reading the signs of the time Fr. Bienvenu found that owing to the French Revolution, there was a great need to strengthen and spread FAITH to all classes of people. He founded a course called “CATECHISM OF PERSEVERENCE”. 

The people of all categories were invited to follow the models of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Out of the young women who were attracted by this spirituality, desired to commit themselves to live and spread this way of life to the full.  Hence 3 of them one by one expressed their desire to be religious sisters.  

Fr. Bienvenu approached the Archbishop to discuss this matter and   discerned in openness to the Holy Spirit.  As the result, the Archbishop asked Fr. Bienvenu to go on with the foundation of this Association.

The first 3 young women who were accepted as   Pre-Novices, started their formation in a rented house having just 5 francs in their hands totally relying on the Divine Providence of God. It was the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity 28th May 1820.