Who is he..

A time of Terror! The French Revolution!! People were either silent or whispered messages. They shut their ears lest they hear more violence; eyes were suspicious; fear and tension prevailed in Bordeaux, France.

In contrast to this atmosphere of violence, there came a joyful cry!! A SON IS BORN!! Come and see this GOD-GIVEN GIFT – “BIENVENU” – the WELCOME ONE !!

In the midst of terror, revolution and famine, Bienvenu was born as the 8th child in Noalles family. The revolution has either murdered or deported the Catholic Priests. A few of them lived in disguise. Bienvenu was baptized on the day of his birth, 27th October 1793. PIERRE BIENVENU NOAILLES – the name was registered in the Cathedral Church of St. Andre, just a few weeks before Cathedral was desecrated and used for a shop. Though Bienvenu grew up in a Christian family, he got no real religious instruction.